~ Coaching ~

My services as a Life Strategist are highly effective and truly unique. I've been told by numerous friends that I'm a really talented listener and sounding board, so I've decided to share my gift with the world.


A Strategy Session is all about *you*. My methods in working with you involve utilizing attentive listening and generous amounts of empathy, combined with asking the right questions, to gain an overview of what's bothering you, help you clarify what clarity would look like, then taking the steps - together - that support you in arriving successfully at your goal. 


I don't give advice, per se. Rather, I prefer to support you in coming to your own clarity. It's much better if the solutions come from YOU!


I believe that the answers actually lie deep inside of you; it's often a matter of creating the right (safe) atmosphere to coax them out into the light.

Sound like something that might help, right about now? Check out my Coaching website for more information and to book a session: