J'aime la France!

I love France!


Eventually I intend to move there, permanently. For now, I'm looking for a way to 'be there', for a month or two. August, September, October, 2015.


Perhaps you know of somebody who has an empty apartment in Paris, a chateau with an overgrown garden in Provence, or a lonely pet somewhere along the Côte d'Azur?


I'm completely legal to live and work in France, as I have an EU passport.


I speak intermediate French and would like to improve. My idea is to go over there and do some exploring, about jobs I could get and grad schools I may want to attend.


I've been to Paris a handful of times, as well as Marseille, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence -- and have a feeling that soon it will be a one-way ticket!


I would have to get a job/income while I'm there, but since I'm legal to work there, that shouldn't be too difficult. I have many excellent skills, such as in restaurant waitressing, catering and banquet server, riding a bicycle and teaching cycling class at the gym, being a wine enthusiast, professional house-sitting and pet-sitting, and teaching English as a Second Language.


Feel free to contact me with ideas or connections!




Merci bien,