Wow! What a great party! I flew to Los Angeles for a party in honour of Pete Bethune, from the Sea Shepherds. If you watch the TV show "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet, you know who Pete is-- he's the "crazy Kiwi" who was courageous enough to board a Japanese whaling vessel - in the middle of the night - and try to give a citizen's arrest of the captain. Instead, (unfortunately), they detained him, and took him to prison in Japan, where he sat for 5 months. 

Finally Pete was released, back to his homeland of New Zealand, where he found much press and buzz-buzz surrounding him. So, in his honor, and in honor of the fight to save the whales, a man named Ady Gil (in Los Angeles) threw Pete a big party.

I was there, as a volunteer performer-- hooping it up til the wee hours of the morning!

Check out the pictures.  :) 

Hooping at Ady Gil's Party - for Pete Bethune & the Sea Shepherds