My Various Forms of Dance

For more than a decade, I have immersed myself in different forms of dance! And my love of learning means that I continue to add new forms that intrique me. I've attended countless workshops, week-long intensives and "jams" to enrich my knowledge in movement. Truly I am an eclectic and versatile dancer!

~Fire dancing:
similar to poi spinning, only now the balls are made of actual "wick" material, and are set on fire. Teaches humility as you must remain in awe and respect as you dance around without lighting your clothes on fire! (Always fire dance with a trained "safety" person to keep you safe). A very powerful experience! ~~

~Hoop dancing: dance using a single or multiple hula hoops, going well beyong the original spin-it-around-your-waist fad from the 60s. A beautiful form of expression that I continue to study today. Dancing with a hoop offers an experience at once meditative, empowering, centering and dazzling! I look forward to getting an "LED" hoop, which is lit up from the inside - great for nighttime performances!!

~Glow Poi spinning: I call this the indoor version of fire dancing, although it really does stand on its own as an art form. Two glowing balls of light, on strings, are swung around the body, creating beautiful trails of light in ever-changing spiral patterns. Can be educational in physics and body awareness, as you must try to not hit yourself while dancing around. Taken from ancient Maori (New Zealand) tribes who practice with a shorter rope. Also called "poi dancing".

~Ecstatic Dance: freeform, improvised movement to emotionally evocative music. Flow, stomp, wail, leap, sweat, pray, pound the floor- it all counts as the dance! A safe container is created by the facilitator to facilitate vulnerability and authenticity, and the music is coordinated to take you on a journey through the full range of emotions. Inhibitions explode into stardust; limitations dissolve into tears, as the true inner expression is allowed a full-body outlet. Very liberating!

~Contact Improvisational dance, a.k.a. "CI" or just "Contact". Typically done in silence, this partner dance form is driven by the point of contact between two or more bodies that are pressing into one another. A type of moving meditation; a true blend of art and science, as the physics of lifting your parnter effortlessly gives way to the intuitive flow of your arm. Enhances a sense of surrender as well as trust, as one's own agenda must be dropped. Sometimes looks like modern dance, complete with partner lifts and flowing synchronicity; sometimes looks like a bunch of monkeys climbing on one another in a playful, curious way. Improves one's awareness of boundaries, of safe vs. unsafe, of how much to give or not give in the dance.

~Irish dance: choreographed footwork done to lively, upbeat Irish music. Dances have different time signatures, such as 4/4 and the strange-yet-beautiful 6/8 time. From studying this form for 7 years, I found out that I have great sense of rhythm and can improvise well (which is not focused upon) to live musicians.

~Circus arts: basic trapeze classes (involving both static and swinging trapeze), as well as acro-yoga, partner balancing and group theatre games to heighten improv abilities.

Dance Video - a medley of various dance forms that I do